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The Guinness World Record Holder for

World’s Smallest Portable Nightclub



World's Smallest Nightclub
Rumours is… Living the dream. Living it up. Leaving your cool at the door. Busting your finest dancemoves in a fine mist of hair lacquer. Power ballads. Pumpin’ tunes. Singing along with the crowd. Making up lyrics. Making new friends. Shoulder pads. Ruching and ruffles. Metallic frocks. Legwarmers. Big earrings. Exotic fruit. Cocktail parasols. Taking a phone call on the Hot Lips Phone. Cerise lipstick. Moussed hair. Requesting Easy Lover twice in one night. Not stopping till you get enough. Holding out for a hero. Always believe in yourself… You are Rumours.




The world’s smallest dancing discotheque